The Five Brands I’m Gushing Over Currently


Kate Spade got started by launching a clothing line in 1993, and she now runs a lifestyle empire, full of pink and polka dots. I have her dining accessories on my table and stationary on my desk…but I want more!

I recently stopped in at Barnes & Noble and had to pry myself away from loading classics and paperbacks and coloring books into my arms…but my eyes were most drawn to Kate Spade’s collection here: shimmering desk tools, pretty papers and pens and fun cups and mugs.


I actually think I fell in love with this brand at Barnes & Noble, too, but now, I live for their sparkly and witty Instagram posts…and their expressive earrings…and funky beauty products…and gaudy home decor…and playful bags. If you know me, you should know that these pink items totally speak to me.


Joy Cho came onto the scene in 2005, with a graphic design studio. These days, you can find her stuff at Target, whether you’re looking for quirky furniture, baby clothing or band aids. She has a whole rose gold section (much like the brands above) that I’m dying to acquire.


I stumbled upon Furbish, a boutique known for bold and eclectic gifts and finds, when I was searching for a large, colorful purse. The products all have an exotic feeling – but in a modern and cool way that I adore. Plus – again…more pink!


Who doesn’t love BaubleBar? And who isn’t obsessed with Target? And who is always looking for exciting jewelry that’s also affordable? I know I am, and now, all my dreams have come true!

Enjoy this skirt & phrases I love to blurt…

Skirt: Comme Toi… – Hat: Ecote – Tops: Target – Necklaces: Hand-Made


Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love; it will not lead you astray – Rumi


Don’t let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game. – Babe Ruth (& Cinderella Story;)


If the path be beautiful, let us not ask where it leads – Anatole France

btw betchya: cute for cheap

As a single 20-something’er (who isn’t a Kardashian), I obviously am not rolling in money. However, I could live at the mall…or Hobby Lobby…or on any antique row. Therefore, I’ve had to get creative when it comes to buying pieces that complete my wardrobe and my house.

So, now I will share a few saving secrets with you! Because you a.don’t have to spend tons to have a pulled-together look, and don’t have to (sorry, I’m going to say it) downgrade yourself to smelly thrift shops to keep your wallet happy either!

1. Target’s dollar bins are genius. For instance, when my friends get engaged, I try to send them a nice little care package, with nail files, cute pens, hair clips…fun little stuff that Target def helps out with!

2. Forever 21 literally is heaven on earth. Over half my closet is XI stuff, and I know some people in the fashion world call it disposable clothing, but mine hold together just fine and look super trendy.

3. Pinterest is a saving grace. With literally thousands of ideas and topics, you can find out how to have an inviting porch set-up or funky hairstyles or an entire Christmas dinner…by using things you already have around your house!

4. Hoarding is something I’m thankful for. Going to my grandma’s house is like going shopping, because a.she always has some gift for me (chocolate, a new bracelet, some neat dishes she found) and b.she is always looking to get rid of the mountains of furniture and decor she has stored! Therefore, almost my entire apartment was furnished with amazing hand-me-downs!

btw betchya will hopefully make you see we’re not all mad here