Spring Break // Bucket List // Dream Vacations

It's Spraaang Break, y'aaall! And in honor of not having one this year, I'm going to dream with you and share my bucket list. These are the top 10 places I'd like to see. Paris, France. Obviously, this is my number-one spot, and I'm a romantic who has dreamed of seeing the Eiffel Tower, the… Continue reading Spring Break // Bucket List // Dream Vacations

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The Five Brands I’m Gushing Over Currently

NUMBER ONE - KATE SPADE Kate Spade got started by launching a clothing line in 1993, and she now runs a lifestyle empire, full of pink and polka dots. I have her dining accessories on my table and stationary on my desk...but I want more! I recently stopped in at Barnes & Noble and had… Continue reading The Five Brands I’m Gushing Over Currently

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Austin Bucket List (&then some;)

This started as a checklist for my Austin Bucket List, but then I kept remembering other awesome stuff I've done elsewhere! Therefore, I've broken down my life, giving you the adventurous highlights AND all the cool stuff I've done in the 512... 1990-1999: First steps, words, day of school and lost teeth (and busted out… Continue reading Austin Bucket List (&then some;)