make dresses appropriate + more fashion tips

I have had several bits of fashion insight to share, so I’m bundling them and sharing now, starting with…

BuzzFeed – my beloved BuzzFeed – recently did a long piece, full of detailed charts and diagrams, regarding fashion rules and tips, such as…

-Not all sizes are created equal: I remember watching What Not To Wear at a young age and hearing that all clothes should be tailored; it would be weird if we all could buy one thing and that thing fit us all correctly!

-Mixing and matching: Sure, there are some color combos that will forever look good together, for everyone. I’ve learned with my husband, though, that noticing these combos doesn’t come naturally. Plus, fashion is about expressing yourself, so feel free to boldly mix plaid and polka dots, emerald green and hot pink and denim on denim!

-Clothing silhouettes: I had a student – in theater class – say that no one wears poodle skirt-type skirts any more, and I mentioned A-line skirts…and she looked lost and confused. Know your types, AND know which ones look best on YOU!

-Formality: Wedding season is here, and I already have my semiformal, formal and beach attire ready – but always go a little dressier if you’re not sure. You wouldn’t want to show up in jeans and be the only one in denim…but in a dress, you can elevate it with heels and heavier makeup or dress it down with sneakers and a ponytail.

Fun Tip…Vintage = Made at least 20 years ago!

Now, for some tips on how to balance your wardrobe between appropriate and … fun (you know, how to wear bandeaus and crop tops and cutouts to work and school!)…


Image result for how to wear bandeaus to work

Depending on your setting, this is a way to wear a bandea but still be somewhat covered; lucky for me, this could work for at a funky startup office or while covering a fashion event!

Image result for how to professionally wear a crop top

The trick to wearing a crop top without baring too much skin is pairing it with a high-waisted skirt or pair of pants.


Image result for how to layer shirts under cut out shirts to school

Have a dress that’s not appropriate for school, the office or the weather? Layer, as seen here and below!

Image result for how to layer shirts under cut out shirts to school

There are numerous ways to add pieces under and/or over your clothing to make it more appropriate for where you are going or what the weather is like…Just experiment and make it work!

Image result for leggings and shirts under dresses for schoolImage result for leggings and shirts under dresses for school

Image result for leggings and shirts under dresses for schoolLove the white t-shirt under a silk cami look, especially with cool, casual denim | discovered by Katerina Iatridou

And here’s a tip for you, men, from The Art of Manliness:

I also love this guide on how to update your look (great for transitioning out of college into the professional/adult world!)…

Fall Fashion: For Love & Lemons

In short, the Fall 2015 line of For Love & Lemons is to die for!

If you’re not familiar with FL&L, the company makes sexy lingerie – but they’re more than that. You’ll find sheer tees over lacy bralettes, slinky dresses with peekaboo holes and exotic jewelry paired perfectly with “skivvies.”

Fall wear is usually more bundled up, heavy and covered, but this brand manages to make it still look fun and flirty. The fact that there’s a vintage vibe is just icing on the cake!

FLEETWOOD CANYON,” For Love & Lemon’s Fall Knitz 2015 collection, can best be summed up in the following five images…


I ❤ fringe.


Chunky sweater, old piano & succulents for the win.


Pretty far out, yeah?


Colored tights can make anything a fall/winter outfit!


Nothing like channeling a Brady or a Partridge in the great outdoors.

I’ll wrap it up with my top fall fashion tips:

-Work those layers: Take note of the leggings, scarves and knee-high socks seen here.

-Add in your spring/summer wardrobe: Again, adding a jacket over your fave tank or tights under that adordz sundress means your upcoming outfits will be double the fun!

-Have fun with it: Maybe high ponies and fringe aren’t your thing; then take inspiration from Lady Gaga, find a blog that points you in the right/new direction and take chances…and stay tuned for more posts from me (where you’ll likely see a Christmas list wishing for the above items and a collage of me rockin’ looks from the 60s). xo

Architecturally Adorable: Out & About in ATX

Here’s what this post proves:

a. Rain or shine, the show must go on (though, admittedly, you would have received better and more pics if one of our last days have summer hadn’t been dampened by rain!)

b. You don’t need designer brands to look trendy (all the below items were below $50, and most aren’t even relevant enough to have live links up anymore – but I love them all!)

c. Accessories are fab (and I obviously have too many to even give full details on!)

d. Austin, Texas – You are a beautiful city (so readers, let me know when you come visit!)

Zilker Park Look


Top: Laurence Kazar (This vintage white beaded blouse – the only vintage item I own – looks like it could have been the top of a mother-of-the-bride ensemble, but for me, it serves as the perfect Coachella-inspired crop.) – Shorts: Tommy Hilfiger  Clutch: Nicole Miller (It’s actually being sold on eBay as we speak;)

Graffiti Park Look


Top: Peach Love Cream (Now Peach Love California, this brand had it right with this open-back top – love!) – Ring: Forever 21 (Unfortunately, this black and white chevron ring is no longer in stock – but let me know if you find a different seller!) – Bandeau: Aeropostale (Similar ones can be found here.)

All in the Details


Ring: Charming Charlie – Cuff: Forever 21 (Love this similar – and more luxe! version at ShopBop) – Top: Forever 21

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