make dresses appropriate + more fashion tips

I have had several bits of fashion insight to share, so I'm bundling them and sharing now, starting with... BuzzFeed - my beloved BuzzFeed - recently did a long piece, full of detailed charts and diagrams, regarding fashion rules and tips, such as... -Not all sizes are created equal: I remember watching What Not To Wear at… Continue reading make dresses appropriate + more fashion tips

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Fall Fashion: For Love & Lemons

In short, the Fall 2015 line of For Love & Lemons is to die for! If you're not familiar with FL&L, the company makes sexy lingerie - but they're more than that. You'll find sheer tees over lacy bralettes, slinky dresses with peekaboo holes and exotic jewelry paired perfectly with "skivvies." Fall wear is usually… Continue reading Fall Fashion: For Love & Lemons