Happy Anniversary! Remember These Vacations?

Today, my husband, Thomas Wayne Baze, celebrates his two-year anniversary with me, Brianna Paige Thomas. Over the years, we have had some amazing adventures, and since we met on a trip, it is only fitting that I celebrate our love here by looking back at some of the trips we have taken together. Vacations are… Continue reading Happy Anniversary! Remember These Vacations?


Writing on Resolutions

Man, I just need to write - and, as a writer, this is a regular feeling I have...especially during this time of the year. Sometimes, I get sad, and when I do, there are a few certain things that always go through my mind: the passing of my grandfather, the passing of a peer and… Continue reading Writing on Resolutions



We're backkkkkkkk! We're here! We ventured off, despite some fear! We badly missed the city! We missed all of its pretties! So we're back - Let's all cheer! For some reason, our move back to Austin brought out the poet in me (see my farewell poem on Instagram), as I have been filled with SO… Continue reading atx<3