What’s on your desk?

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this, but allow me to say it again: I am sooo glad that my apartment came with a built-in desk! It is the perfect space for my at-home job! It is also the perfect place to show off some cute decorations, knick-knacks and collectibles (which you can try to find… Continue reading What’s on your desk?


70+ English Resources!

I have only been teaching for a year and a half, but over that time, I researched numerous sites, attended several workshops and built up a huge list of resources; I teach English I-IV, journalism and theater arts...and if you do, too, here's some assistance! Below, you will find over 70 links to websites full… Continue reading 70+ English Resources!


If your New Year Resolution is to get more organized…

...I'm here to help! I'm the kid who had her Barbie accessories separated into distinct Ziploc baggies...the student who straightened her teachers' desks...the daughter who loved to help her mom put the groceries away (in nice, neat rows) and help her dad file bills and paperwork (in his many filing cabinets)...and a girl who just… Continue reading If your New Year Resolution is to get more organized…