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I have only been teaching for a year and a half, but over that time, I researched numerous sites, attended several workshops and built up a huge list of resources; I teach English I-IV, journalism and theater arts…and if you do, too, here’s some assistance!

Below, you will find over 70 links to websites full of assignments, projects, worksheets and more!

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This time of the year is one of my favorites, with Tommy’s birthday, Halloween, my birthday, Thanksgiving, then Christmas and the new year – a time filled with lots of presents!

However, this post isn’t about gifts wrapped up with shiny bows; it’s about being PRESENT.

I’ve struggled with anxiety and stress and OCD-tendencies for as long as I can remember. There are ways to cope with any situation/problem, but that can be tough in a world full of photoshopped models, egotistical/competitive ways on social media and the desire to just want to be a normal, content, attractive, happy-go-lucky, loved human being!

Many of my blog posts (and Instagram posts and almost-finished books and thoughts) are about perspective and blessings; no one has it perfectly, and even on your worst day, you can look to your left, right or through your Facebook feed and see someone who is suffering far worse – with loss or illness or war or famine (Remember that, students and Bri and reader!).

If you haven’t realized by now, bad things will happen – and it’s all about how you deal with them. Do you deal with them at all? Do you make matters worse? Sometimes, we just need a reminder that life is short, so why not actually/really/honestly live it to the fullest?

Since my husband is a trainer and my dad is a coach, I’ve always worked out, but only recently have I been super dedicated – cutting out sweets, hitting the gym every single day of the week, pushing myself to my limits, not complaining about the sweat and seeing results!

When I put this dedication/drive to use in other areas of my life…I created amazing year-long lesson plans for all eight of the classes I teach. I even had time to help Tommy with his. Much to everyone’s surprise, I have started cooking more. I’ve been making the effort to compliment people and let them know how special they are. Most importantly, I’ve been focusing on just being the best overall me – and it helps to be present.

In any given moment, you could be thinking about or doing a bazillion different things; if you stop, breathe, put down the phone and look around, however, you’ll notice…A. the beauty of nature B. that wobbly table that you could fix (And won’t your significant other be so proud/glad?!) C. someone’s cute haircut to compliment D. that the worry of the past and the anxiety of the future and the stressors you may be feeling about that to-do list or work or life…none of that matters. Sure, it’s good to be responsible and conscientious – but don’t make yourself sick! Don’t live in the past! Don’t let the present pass you by because you’re too busy wondering what tomorrow will bring!

I bet that if you look around right now, in this very moment we’re in, you’ll see several things you should be thankful for – and that perspective on the present is a wonderful thing…just like you.:)

P.S. – Check out these 101 ways to #livelifetothefullest!

The Upside Down

I feel like recently and regularly, my blog posts are combinations of all my recent thoughts/Instagram posts; I’m a very introspective person, and when I don’t have money for a therapist or time for yoga, I get my feelings out through inspirational social media images…and then recap all of that here.

My initial reaction for starting this particular post would be to lead with this: It’s been a weird year, to say the least.

…but – on the other hand – I could ask, “Has it?”

I mean…what makes something “weird”, especially a time in life? Sure, moving and starting a new career and and getting married and all that jazz have been out of the ordinary, compared to my past few years, but moving in general and teaching students period…Not so strange. These things happen every single day.


So, this leads me to think that it’s just me; I’m weird for thinking it’s weird (getting a little meta, I know). I’m probably overthinking and overreacting and should just go with the flow.


(bear with me)

What even isss going with the flow? We’re all here, to live life, on this rock, and we get to choose how/where/with whom we spend that time. And I like to think I soak it all in as much as possible…but I’d also love to say I’m a carefree person…yet I schedule and freak out and plan out possible and impossible scenarios – just in case.

I feel like I should segue now into what my high school English teacher used to tell me: Whatever you’re going through is real, for you, right now. Freaking out about a high school boyfriend or a new job or a bad day may seem selfish, since there are actual problems in the world…but those bigger, worse problems don’t necessarily affect us daily…while at-home, real-life situations do…which is why freaking out makes sense (to an extent).


Ugh, okay, done – How exhausting!

Let’s move on………

Here are current things I’m stressing/worrying about and why I should/shouldn’t (feel free to offer up any advice at any point;)…

#1: I’m tired.

#2: I don’t get to write enough.

#3: This is reminding me of a previous/similar blog, where I had to remind people that I’m not just being a whiny baby.

#4: I’m not the best teacher in the world.

#5: I’m not the best wife in the world.

#6: I’m a teacher and a wife (wutttt).

#7: I care far too much about what others think of me.

#8: I constantly struggle with kismet, and if I should just make bigger decisions and move again, because I’m not sure if I should live here or in Austin or in New York or beyond.

#9: When I’m not sure what to do with my time, I automatically think, “It’s time for a new IG post/blog!” … though only, like, four people will read this … though, that’s okay, since it makes ME feel better … ???

#10: I think I care too much about “ME” (yet I struggle with self-love…but we all do, to a certain point…Right?!).

I think, inside of us all, there’s a hippie, a free spirit who would love to get carried away by the wind and the music in his/her head and just live life – traveling and exploring and reading and looking at the stars and learning new things.

In reality, though, there are bills and responsibilities. We get tied down by commitments and relationships and fear – which is good and bad.


It seems like many of my posts trail in to the whole “life is short, so live it well” thing…and it’s true…but I’m too tired to write on that. I’m too confused to discuss the make money vs. be happy debate. And I’m too inexperienced to blab on about why we’re here and what we should be doing.

All I know is this: I’m in control of my life. I make my own decisions. If the majority of me wants to work hard at a job that helps to pay the bills and helps to feed my online shopping obsession, then that’s what I’ll do. If part of me needs to escape now and then, and just talk with friends around a fire or roadtrip to the beach or hide in a fort with my best friend, then I’ll do that, too.

I’m one person, trying her best to be happy and to make others happy. Sure, I fail, and at times, I upset people and get super stressed and get into fights and freak out. But then I breathe, refocus, get up, dust myself off, and keep on trucking…because I have/need/want to do so.


So I write to remind myself to be the best I can be: the best wife and teacher and friend and daughter and work-outer and sister and employee and customer and blogger and human…because…why not?

P.S. – Have you watched “Stranger Things” yet? You should! I stole my title from there, since “the upside down” is this alternate reality…kind of like the one in my head; when I get into those funks of “what is life” and “am I doing enough” and “stop being so whiny…but care a little more, too”, I’ve decided to refer to that as The Upside Down – a place where I may think too much but where I always come out better and more driven…so visit it, if you dare or if only to realize that you should love you!

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If your New Year Resolution is to get more organized…

…I’m here to help!

I’m the kid who had her Barbie accessories separated into distinct Ziploc baggies…the student who straightened her teachers’ desks…the daughter who loved to help her mom put the groceries away (in nice, neat rows) and help her dad file bills and paperwork (in his many filing cabinets)…and a girl who just really loves organization!

My habits border the OCD line, but they help me stay sane, clean, punctual and efficient.

For my 21st birthday, I asked for a filing cabinet of my own, and now, each drawer has a purposeful use, and its insides are even whittled down to (for example) folders for cards from friends, that I received on my birthday, that had to do with graduation, etc.


My clothes are hung by color and style, and even my junkiest closet has separate boxes for electrical supplies, decorations I’m not using, craft items and so on.


You may think I’m crazy, but I challenge you to add some structure to your life!

Reasons why you should…

  • Knock on wood, I don’t know if I’ve ever lost anything.
  • My house is inviting, with everything in its place and a place for everything.
  • I’m always super early to where I’m going – and a lot of this is due to the fact that I’m not fumbling around in the closet, searching for my keys, etc.
  • There are only 24 hours in a day, and if your kid knows where he/she should leave forms for you to sign (Create a homework/parent portal!), if your spouse can easily access his/her golf clubs (Make a sports rack inside the garage door!), if you yourself can easily see what groceries to buy, what library books to return and what events you need to attend this weekend (I love organization stations!) – your life will be a happier and smoother thing!


…and my tips for how to begin…

  • Start small: I want you to stop reading, go to your bathroom or kitchen, and choose one drawer or cabinet. First, throw away everything that is expired or unused. While all these items are out, go ahead and clean the space, too (toothpaste gunk and spilled spices shouldn’t be forming a gross layer here). Next, set it all back in nice and neat (maybe you even want to alphabetize or stack from tallest to shortest). Not too hard, right?! Once you’ve got an area under control, you can move on to pesky closets and overwhelming garages.
  • Elastic, cardboard boxes, egg cartons…: All these household items are your friends! Yes, The Container Store is amazing – but during your cleaning process, you will find up-cycled containers; you can store earrings in that egg carton, wrap elastic around spare cords and use a pretty box you haven’t been utilizing to hold spices or hair products.
  • Expect to expand: Suddenly, you can find things! You’ve even discovered things you forgot you owned! You start arriving to work early, since you easily found your other shoe! Organization has the tendency to pour over into all areas of life, so I expect you to share photos of your clean cars and tidy cubicles! (I’m just finishing up my first semester of  teaching, so continue reading to see how organization has helped me survive here:)


From using labeled clothespins to hold graded papers together to labeling file folders for forms, substitute info and future quizzes, I stay orderly in the classroom, avoiding piles of paper and the stress of unsuccessfully keeping track of things.

My room has a clean and structured feel, but it’s still pretty and inviting – which I feel promotes learning.

Furthermore, thanks to our digital age and Woodson I.S.D.’s technology grant, I am able to quickly locate essays through Google Drive, send out reminders via email and show reviews on my projection board; all my computer’s files are sorted by tests, slideshows and so on, and I even keep written documentation of why we’ve covered what we’ve covered and how I modified lessons for, say, kids who were absent or GT students.

Five Steps to Getting a Job Done

In case you haven’t heard, I’m writing a book.

Of course you haven’t heard, though! That’s not the sort of thing one goes around flaunting (You saw what happened to Carole Radziwill).

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 3.57.25 PM

If – no, when – I publish the book and it ends up on best-selling lists…THEN you’ll know about it/I’ll talk about it. But until then, I suppose the fear of failure is keeping me quiet on the details.


Now, while we wait, I thought I’d share some tips for success. While these are (loosely) the steps I follow when crafting a blog or attempting to be the next Stephen King, I like to think they are simple little life nuggets, which can be used anytime, anywhere, at any time, by anyone.

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 4.04.54 PM

1. Figure out your plan: I’m a list-maker, so before I begin anything, I have to write it all out, doodle next to it and stare at until I feel ready. Find whatever preparation works for you.

2.  Lie comfortably: …or sit or stand or whatever. Personally, I switch between sitting at my desk (Look at that snazzy thing!) and lying on my stomach on the floor. You need to have a designated area where you just go to get this job done.


3. Intensely focus: Now, don’t look at the clock – just start! And think about how good progress will feel!

4. Note progress: When you reach that progress, it may also be time for a break; while you wait for your coffee to brew, jot down what you’ve accomplished. If you go stretch your legs during a walk, mentally congratulate yourself for a job well done!


5. Give up when necessary: After my break, I sit back down and review what I’ve done. Next, I’ll either tweak a few things here and there before publishing (or saving or sending) OR…I delete it. All of it. If it doesn’t feel right, if you know you can do better, trytryagain!

And there you have it, folks: FLING…Fling yourself into creative situations, throw cautions to the wind and do your job/task/life beautifully and awesomely!

Reflecting on Work

I may have only been out of college for two years, but I’ve already learned some very valuable real-world lessons – perhaps some of the most important I ever will learn, since I transitioned from a “child” to an “adult” – ha. And since it’s the most wonderful time of the year, that means I’m even more nostalgic than usual, so I’m reminiscing about the good I’ve done and planning on how to fix the not-so-hot items.

Hopefully, the below life/work lessons will inspire you, too – no matter your industry, title, role or goals – as we head into 2015…

1* Try your absolute hardest every time, and if you still fail, don’t beat yourself up: You can train for days, practice for hours and get all the teaching, advice and prep out there…but we’re human, so we sometimes fall short. If you’re giving it your all, though, what more can you do? Know you did your best and keep on truckin’!

2* Choose your battles carefully and remain silent the rest of the time: I’m a pretty quiet person, so this may not fully work for everyone, but I’ve found that rolling with the punches (a boss you disagree with, a customer service rep who just doesn’t understand, etc.) is easiest. However, you need to know when to stand up for yourself, in a calm and professional manner.

3* Communicate clearly: Whether you’re giving a presentation, asking for a raise, assigning/delegating tasks or just chatting at the water cooler, make sure what you’re saying is coming out correctly. This not only makes you look competent and put together, but it will also help avoid any problems that can occur through miscommunication.

4* Do what you love: I have realized how hard it can be to get stuck in a position you don’t love. And while the bills do have to get paid, YOU don’t have to suffer! Therefore, either a. work towards getting a role at a place you love b. use your spare time to focus on your passions (What’s time you ask? Trust me, if you get to do fun stuff, like I do via briannathomaswrites, you’ll find the time!) and/or c. see how you can implement some of your skills and loves into your current position.

From a town of 300 to UT and beyond, I feel these are the most important lessons I’ve learned thus far, and as I enter a new job (today!) and we enter a new year (soon!), I’m excited to see what’s next!


anniversaries&hamster wheels

Today marks my five-year anniversary of graduating high school, and while I know that’s still way less than a 25- or 50-year celebration, it’s weird for me, since I swear that just yesterday, I was forcing my brother to play Barbies with me, getting braces, going to my first prom and wearing that number 10 jersey.

But just like that, I was off in Bevo Squarepants to Austin, majoring in business, switching to journalism, getting published in the country’s oldest college outlet, getting my first tattoo, interning in NYC, graduating with a college degree, receiving my first raise and living in – already – six different ATX locations.

And while I have loved every minute of all of these stages of life, I did need to speak about one thing: the hamster wheel of life.

When you’re a baby, you have a routine of sleeping, eating, burping, pooping and repeating, and though some of those tasks may change, we – for the most part – keep up routines, with going to school or work, going to the gym or happy hour, picking up groceries or kids, cooking, showering, sleeping…

It’s hard to not get caught up in all these tiny duties, and I’m a big believer in stepping back daily, to view your big picture, as well as the world’s big photo. That’s why you’re going to stop reading for a bit to watch this video:

This is Water on YouTube

See, we must remember that this is water: Even when we’re in annoying lines at the grocery store and even when we don’t want to get out of bed in the morning, we must remember that someone is facing a bigger battle, bills have to be paid, there are positives in every situation and – my fave – we have to bloom where we are planted.

As I’ve probably mentioned, I have tricks for getting through; even though I’m blessed beyond words, we all have “those days,” which is when I post inspirational quotes on Instagram (mostly for myself), do an extra dose of stretching/yoga/praying/meditation or indulge on cookie dough and/or Starbucks.

Recently, though, I was reminded that my high school English teacher/role model always said “bloom where you’re planted,” but I guess I forgot? I even have it written on a sticky note on my desk! I got too caught up in making these annoying, tiny duties feel better, when I should, first and foremost, be focusing on how to grow within the situations.

Sooooo….wrap-up/takeaway: Whatever you’re going through, even if it is just a long grocery store line, remember to stay grounded, keep things in perspective, give it your all and BLOOM!


A long piece of #inspiration and #motivation to help you #live #life

~by the lovely and wise Catherine Schwenkler~

here’s to the dreamers

and to the twenty-somethings

who set out into the world

to use their skills and passion

who lie awake o’ nights

so much to do — where to start?

here’s to feeling overwhelmed,

because they care

getting up every morning

and doing it all over again

trying things out and trying again

here’s to being open to possibilities

here’s to thinking outside the box

here’s to tossing OUT the box.

here’s to living authentically


messily, with lots of twists

arriving in places that aren’t even in the realm of our imagination right now

let’s be idealistic thirty – forty fifty- and ninety- somethings together!



The piece below was written by Marina Keegan ’12 

The best years of our lives are not behind us. They’re part of us, and they are set for repetition as we grow up and move to New York and away from New York and wish we did or didn’t live in New York. I plan on having parties when I’m 30. I plan on having fun when I’m old. Any notion of THE BEST years comes from clichéd “should haves…” “if I’d…” “wish I’d…”

We’re so young. We’re so young. We’re twenty-two years old. We have so much time. There’s this sentiment I sometimes sense, creeping in our collective conscious as we lay alone after a party, or pack up our books when we give in and go out – that it is somehow too late. That others are somehow ahead. More accomplished, more specialized. More on the path to somehow saving the world, somehow creating or inventing or improving. That it’s too late now to BEGIN a beginning and we must settle for continuance, for commencement.

What we have to remember is that we can still do anything. We can change our minds. We can start over. Get a post-bac or try writing for the first time. The notion that it’s too late to do anything is comical. It’s hilarious. We’re graduating college. We’re so young. We can’t, we MUST not lose this sense of possibility because in the end, it’s all we have.

We’re in this together. Let’s make something happen to this world.

...wherever I may be...

…wherever I may be…

In 1997, Glamour magazine published a story titled “30 Things Every Woman Should Have and Should Know by the Time She’s 30.” The list, written by Pamela Redmond Satran, was so popular that women started emailing it around, misattributing it to various female luminaries including Maya Angelou and Hillary Clinton. Noting what a phenomenon it had become, the editors of Glamour created a book around it, featuring essays from (mostly) famous women on each of the items on the list. The book, released today, includes meditations from Katie Couric on work and love, Portia de Rossi on accepting your body, and one from the list’s original author, who is also a Huffington Post blogger, on how to live alone.

By 30, you should have …

1. One old boyfriend you can imagine going back to and one who reminds you of how far you’ve come.

2. A decent piece of furniture not previously owned by anyone else in your family.

3. Something perfect to wear if the employer or man of your dreams wants to see you in an hour.

4. A purse, a suitcase, and an umbrella you’re not ashamed to be seen carrying.

5. A youth you’re content to move beyond.

6. A past juicy enough that you’re looking forward to retelling it in your old age.

7. The realization that you are actually going to have an old age — and some money set aside to help fund it.

8. An email address, a voice mailbox, and a bank account — all of which nobody has access to but you.

9. A résumé that is not even the slightest bit padded.

10. One friend who always makes you laugh and one who lets you cry.

11. A set of screwdrivers, a cordless drill, and a black lace bra.

12. Something ridiculously expensive that you bought for yourself, just because you deserve it.

13. The belief that you deserve it.

14. A skin-care regimen, an exercise routine, and a plan for dealing with those few other facets of life that don’t get better after 30.

15. A solid start on a satisfying career, a satisfying relationship, and all those other facets of life that do get better.

(so far, so good!!!)
By 30, you should know …

1. How to fall in love without losing yourself.

2. How you feel about having kids.

3. How to quit a job, break up with a man, and confront a friend without ruining the friendship.

4. When to try harder and when to walk away.

5. How to kiss in a way that communicates perfectly what you would and wouldn’t like to happen next.

6. The names of the secretary of state, your great-grandmothers, and the best tailor in town.

7. How to live alone, even if you don’t like to.

8. Where to go — be it your best friend’s kitchen table or a yoga mat — when your soul needs soothing.

9. That you can’t change the length of your legs, the width of your hips, or the nature of your parents.

10. That your childhood may not have been perfect, but it’s over.

11. What you would and wouldn’t do for money or love.

12. That nobody gets away with smoking, drinking, doing drugs, or not flossing for very long.

13. Who you can trust, who you can’t, and why you shouldn’t take it personally.

14. Not to apologize for something that isn’t your fault.

15. Why they say life begins at 30

(know I should at least work on #9, ha)



And finally, a great Thought Catalog piece.

I know I talk crap on being a twentysomething but I’m only half-kidding. In actuality, there’s no age I’d rather be. (Besides maybe seven years old because they don’t do anything besides eat ice cream and poop themselves. That sounds like an ideal life to be completely honest.)

Being in your twenties is all about discovering which things hurt you and what makes you feel good. You go in blindly, practically pricking yourself with a dull blade, and then you walk out with tougher skin. One day you’ll stop pricking yourself altogether. Maybe. I don’t know. How would I? I’m just a twentysomething, remember?

This is what your twenties are for — to feel and see as much as you can, to take advantage of not being tied down to anything and anyone and to go balls to the wall with everything that you do. You’re a raw nerve. You hate getting upset over little things, about being constantly unraveled by ignored text messages, parents, grades, and friends, but you have to remember something: you don’t know yourself entirely yet. Before the age of 20, you were mostly under your parents care, a reflection of what was going on around you. You didn’t have the option to make your own choices. You were merely living the life someone set out for you.  Being in your twenties allows you to start carving out the life you want for yourself. Everything is on your terms now which seems daunting but is actually liberating. For the first time in your life you’re the boss.

It’s important to talk about why your twenties are great because it seems like we spend so much of our time wanting to be somewhere else other than where we are. Think about it. Why the hell are we in such a hurry to live some boring grown up adult life that we saw at a Crate & Barrel? Because once we do get there, we’re stuck for a long time. The novelty’s going to wear off, we’re going to get married and have babies, and everything will be amazing but don’t think for a second that you won’t be nostalgic for this time. Don’t think for a second that you’re not going to miss those nights you spent putting on your make up, changing five million times, drinking wine, smoking cigarettes out your apartment window, and going to some silly party, a party that feels like all the others you’ve been to but still has the right to feel special. You will miss all of this. This is a luxury. It’s going to leave us eventually so you better freaking enjoy it. You better enjoy every lame ass party, every awkward kiss, every 5 AM hangover, every drug experience, every crappy apartment, because one day it will all be gone and you’ll just be left with the pictures and the bruises and nothing else. Youth is fu**ing magic. Don’t you get it? Look at your skin! Touch it. Look at your smooth legs and stomach. Grab it. When you’re older, you’ll want all of this again so bad. You’ll possibly spend so much money to get some semblance of it back. Now it’s yours for free.

We’re not stuck. Even if it feels like we are, it’s not true. We’re the opposite of stuck. As twentysomethings, we’re constantly moving — apartments, relationship, cities, jobs. Anything is possible. People are ready for you. They want to hear what you have to say. They look at you and are curious about what words are going to come out of your mouth. You’re the new generation. What do you have to say? Don’t bite your tongue. One day you’ll be pushed aside for a younger “fresher” perspective so you better get it out now. Make a mark. Make a stain. Make something.

I want to remember the fear, I want to remember the promise, I want to remember the nights I wanted to curl up in a ball, I want to remember the people I’m not supposed to remember, I want to remember not knowing myself, I want to remember the moment I started to feel safe and like this life I’m leading is really mine. I’m going to be scared, I’m going to bruise my knees and not know how they got there, I’m going to try to fruitlessly forge a connection with someone who won’t ever get it, I’m going to lose the person that means the most to me and find my way back to them. I’m going to be a twentysomething because that’s what I am and all I know how to be.  And you should too. You should love every single moment of this hot mess of a decade. Chances are you’ll miss it before you even get to say “I’m 30.”

My Year in Review

I’m one of those people who lives by anniversaries, ending notes and new beginnings. If – IF – I’m on a workout streak but miss a Monday, I feel I should probably skip the whole week, because I can’t start on a Tuesday – how random! When I reach a six-month mark of knowing someone, I am probably well aware of the date and consider this a reason to celebrate. And yes, when Christmas come and goes, I know I must get serious about the New Year, planning all these big and exciting new changes and upgrades.

So, of course, I wrote my New Year Resolutions post WEEKS ago (stay tuned!), but I needed more! Therefore…My Year in Review. This piece is needed – not only due to the ending of 2013…No, this is needed because, man…What a year…

  • January – I was full of every emotion imaginable, as I had just finished up school, had just celebrated my first post-UT Christmas, had the world at my fingertips and was not hearing back on many job applications. However, I did finally receive a position at Bloom Herbal Organics, a company that a. I highly suggest to healthy, active and/or allergenic people and b. is owned by THE best first “real” boss ever, who has turned out to be a truly wonderful friend.
  • March – My boyfriend and I hit our two year mark! And as I type this, it’s weird that this happened just this year, because I guess when you have your “love-at-first-sight moment” at 16 then start hanging out nonstop at the beginning of college, your relationship is bound to feel so much…more. So, yeah, I’m lucky to have the cutest, strongest, funniest and most nurturing and genuine best friend.


  • May – I wrote a paper in college of one of Austin’s top fashion writers, and we kind of stayed in touch, which led to her asking me to join her at a big pink fashion show in May. As you probably know from past posts, I went on to write for her at every local style event that summer and even New York Fashion Week in September! With a full-time job now, it’s hard to make it to stuff, but I’m so grateful that this amazing lady still considers me her Fashion Editor!
  • July – My family and I take a big vacation every summer, and like any travelers, we had always talked about Hawaii…This year it happened! We flew (forever!) to Kauai, which was even more beautiful than people described, and filled our time with beach-lounging, luau-ing, kayaking, feeding stray cats and intense-but-scenic hiking. Every trip with my favorite three people is wild and memorable – and our island adventure proved to be no different.


  • September – I love how this is working out with every other month being magical…And I LOVE that I attended NYFW! Of course, that sounds amazing, but it was even better! I interviewed Nina Garcia day one, saw, like, 20 celebs, was in the know on the upcoming trends and had a blast working THE fashion event in THE fashion city of our country.
  • November – So far, all of these 2013 milestones sound amazing, but the year was tough; after graduating from a top university, I had it in my head that finding a job would be not as tough. I had experience, passion and the degree, but that didn’t seem to matter. I had to work eight random jobs, running everywhere, every day, just to pay the bills. I know it could have been worse, but when I finally got hired on at Leverage PR (actually at the very end of October), I could not have been happier. This was/is huge!

According to this organization, next up is January 2014…So check back next year to see what else is happening in my crazy little beautiful life, and – as always – thanks for reading:)

Channeling My Inner Carrie Bradshaw

I’ve been on the hunt for a Carrie skirt for a bit now, but anything I found was either too costume-y or too much for my non-Carrie budget.


But then…I found it! Thank you, Urban Outfitters, for giving me the PERFECT work holiday party outfit (because yes – I have those now;).

I thought about pairing it with a tacky Christmas sweater (as I have a great collection of these) but knew I needed to go a little more professional, so I paired with a basic Old Navy sweater (scoop neck; gold), an amazing button-adorned belt (Buckle!), tights, Christmas-inspired necklace and ring (Claire’s, ha) and pointed-toe gold flats (Jessica Simpson).

12_6_2013 8_21_38 AM_jpg