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Reflecting on Work

I may have only been out of college for two years, but I’ve already learned some very valuable real-world lessons – perhaps some of the most important I ever will learn, since I transitioned from a “child” to an “adult” – ha. And since it’s the most wonderful time of the year, that means I’m even more nostalgic than usual, so I’m reminiscing about the good I’ve done and planning on how to fix the not-so-hot items.

Hopefully, the below life/work lessons will inspire you, too – no matter your industry, title, role or goals – as we head into 2015…

1* Try your absolute hardest every time, and if you still fail, don’t beat yourself up: You can train for days, practice for hours and get all the teaching, advice and prep out there…but we’re human, so we sometimes fall short. If you’re giving it your all, though, what more can you do? Know you did your best and keep on truckin’!

2* Choose your battles carefully and remain silent the rest of the time: I’m a pretty quiet person, so this may not fully work for everyone, but I’ve found that rolling with the punches (a boss you disagree with, a customer service rep who just doesn’t understand, etc.) is easiest. However, you need to know when to stand up for yourself, in a calm and professional manner.

3* Communicate clearly: Whether you’re giving a presentation, asking for a raise, assigning/delegating tasks or just chatting at the water cooler, make sure what you’re saying is coming out correctly. This not only makes you look competent and put together, but it will also help avoid any problems that can occur through miscommunication.

4* Do what you love: I have realized how hard it can be to get stuck in a position you don’t love. And while the bills do have to get paid, YOU don’t have to suffer! Therefore, either a. work towards getting a role at a place you love b. use your spare time to focus on your passions (What’s time you ask? Trust me, if you get to do fun stuff, like I do via briannathomaswrites, you’ll find the time!) and/or c. see how you can implement some of your skills and loves into your current position.

From a town of 300 to UT and beyond, I feel these are the most important lessons I’ve learned thus far, and as I enter a new job (today!) and we enter a new year (soon!), I’m excited to see what’s next!



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